How to Use Surfer SEO: Master On-Page SEO in 2024

How to Use Surfer SEO

In this post, I will show you how to use Surfer SEO to unlock the full potential of your content.

You’ll get straightforward instructions on harnessing the power of Surfer’s key features, like the Content Editor, Terms & NLP’s, and Keyword Research tool, to outpace your competition in search rankings.

Let’s go!

What is Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO stands out as a game-changer of all SEO tools, offering a suite of features to help you create or fine-tune content that stands out. With its intuitive interface and sophisticated algorithms, Surfer SEO empowers both novice and experienced content creators to enhance their online presence. It’s like having a secret weapon that helps you craft your content with precision, ensuring you have the edge to climb up the search rankings.

Making sure your web pages are not just good, but great, helping you make waves in the right direction. This advanced tool provides insights into the most effective strategies used by top-ranking pages, allowing you to emulate and adapt those tactics for your content.

What do people say about Surfer SEO

Users of Surfer SEO rave about its ability to:

  • Craft search engine-optimized articles

  • Climb the ranks of search engine results pages

  • Increase organic traffic

  • Watch their visibility soar

  • Have their content resonate across search engines

Businesses don’t just benefit from numbers, but stories too, thanks to this SEO tool’s robust features.

Getting Started with Surfer SEO

Surfer Get Started

To get started with Surfer SEO is incredibly straightforward. Begin by setting up an organization, that serves as a collaborative workspace under a single pricing plan, and extend invitations to your team members to join. Through the shared invitation link in your account settings, you can easily bring your team on board to strategize and enhance your presence on search engine results pages.

Surfer SEO’s adaptability extends to the ability to be part of multiple organizations and the option to include external collaborators, making it a robust and flexible tool for content optimization.

How to use the Keyword Research Tool

To utilize Surfer SEO’s Keyword Research Tool, enter your seed keyword into the tool. It will then display related keywords, questions, and their search volumes. Select relevant keywords to include in your content, ensuring they align with your topic and audience intent. This process helps you target the right terms to improve your content’s search engine visibility and relevance.

Additionally, integrating the GSC (Google Search Console) Domain feature allows you to refine your keyword selection by analyzing your own domain’s performance data. This integration assists in identifying which keywords your site is already ranking for and which ones present opportunities for improvement.

Furthermore, examining your competitors’ keyword strategies can provide invaluable insights. By understanding the keywords driving traffic to their sites, you can uncover gaps in your own content and seize the chance to outperform them in those.

Surfer Keyword Research

To utilize Surfer SEO’s Topical Map feature, start by entering your main keyword into the tool, shown above and flip the Topical Map toggle when you search. This will present a visual map of related topics and queries, which helps to identify content gaps and opportunities for comprehensive coverage.

Choosing the right topics from the Topical Map is crucial for aligning your content with search intent and thoroughly covering the subject, thus bolstering your content’s topical authority and SEO relevance.

Utilize the filtering options to narrow down categories and article ideas that best match your audience’s interests. Once you’ve honed in on the desired topics, you can export your content map for further keyword research in tools like ahrefs or semrush. You can also connect your domain to view missing clusters and relative keyword difficulty. To do this click the Google button next to Export.

Surfer Content Map

The Surfer SEO Content Editor: A Writer’s Best Friend

Surfer Content Editor

The Surfer SEO Content Editor is a powerful feature that guides users in crafting well-structured and optimized content. Begin by entering your target keyword to generate a content score, which reflects the SEO potential of your article. The editor provides an outline with recommended headings and questions, a brief with terms and guidelines to use throughout your content, and real-time feedback to ensure your structure aligns with SEO best practices. This helps you create content that is both reader-friendly and primed for search engine success.

Surfer Content Editor

Surfer SEO’s Content Editor generates a content score that gauges the SEO potential of your piece, recommends an ideal structure with headings and questions, and provides a list of relevant terms and phrases to include in your article. This real-time guidance ensures that your content is not only engaging for readers but also meticulously tuned for search engine algorithms.

Terms and NLP’s

The Surfer SEO Terms and NLPs (Natural Language Processing) feature is designed to optimize your content by identifying and incorporating relevant terms and phrases that search engines deem important for your target keyword.

This feature analyzes your content against top-performing competitors, suggesting key terms and NLP-driven insights that you should include to improve relevance and authority. By leveraging AI, Surfer SEO can intelligently integrate these NLP terms into your content, ensuring that it resonates with both search engines and readers.

To use this feature, simply click the Insert terms button on the sidebar of Surfer SEO’s terms section, and it will highlight which terms to add or increase in frequency, allowing you to enhance your content’s SEO performance strategically.

The Surfer SEO Outline Builder

The Surfer SEO Outline Builder is a powerful feature that streamlines the content creation process by offering structured outlines based on your chosen keywords.

When using this tool, you have the flexibility to incorporate entire sections into your content or select specific elements, like a particular paragraph or an H2 heading, to suit your article’s needs. This functionality allows you to maintain a strategic structure while also tailoring the content to align with your unique objectives.

By utilizing the Outline Builder, you can efficiently organize your content, ensuring it addresses relevant topics and subtopics, which is crucial for enhancing your SEO performance and reader engagement.

Surfer’s Audit Feature for Maximum Impact

Surfer Audit

Surfer SEO’s Audit feature is a comprehensive tool that evaluates your existing content against current top-ranking pages to provide actionable insights for optimization.

By entering the URL of the content you wish to optimize, Surfer SEO analyzes various elements such as keyword usage, structure, and backlinks, comparing them to competitors’ best practices. The Audit generates a detailed report pinpointing specific areas for improvement, such as which keywords to add or where to adjust content length.

By following the step-by-step recommendations provided by the Audit, you can methodically enhance your content’s SEO performance, increasing its potential to rank higher in search engine results and attract more organic traffic.

Tracking Progress Post-Optimization

After setting your SEO strategies in motion, tracking progress post-optimization is crucial. Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Compare organic traffic before and after implementing Surfer’s recommendations to measure the impact on website performance.

  2. Utilize Google Analytics and Google Search Console to assess how SEO efforts have influenced organic traffic.

  3. Adjust your course as necessary based on the data and insights gathered.

Advanced Tactics: Multi Keyword Analysis and Backlink Insights

Surfer SEO is a powerful tool that offers advanced SEO techniques for experienced professionals. It provides multi-keyword analysis, allowing users to optimize their content for multiple related keywords simultaneously. Additionally, Surfer SEO offers backlink insights, which help users understand the search engine algorithms and chart a course through complex SEO waters. This feature enables users to discover new opportunities for growth and visibility.

Mastering Multi-Keyword Analysis

Mastering multi-keyword analysis is crucial for creating comprehensive and SEO-friendly content. Surfer SEO’s Content Editor allows you to optimize your content for a cluster of similar keywords, increasing its relevance and reach. By leveraging AI-generated content suggestions, you can create detailed content outlines that resonate with multiple search queries, ensuring better visibility in search engine results.

Uncovering Backlink Opportunities

By analyzing the common backlinks in the top 20 competitors, Surfer SEO helps you determine where to focus your link-building efforts for maximum SEO impact. This analysis can help you identify high-quality backlink sources that can improve your website’s authority and search engine rankings.

Streamlining SEO Workflow with Surfer Integrations

Surfer SEO’s Integration feature enhances your content creation workflow by seamlessly connecting with tools you already use, like Google Docs and WordPress.

With the Google Docs integration, you can access Surfer’s real-time SEO suggestions directly within your document, allowing for an efficient editing process. This feature also includes a share function, enabling collaboration with team members or clients by sharing your content and SEO analysis effortlessly.

Additionally, the WordPress plugin streamlines your publishing process by allowing you to apply Surfer’s SEO recommendations directly within your WordPress editor. This integration ensures that your content is optimized before it goes live, simplifying your content strategy and maintaining SEO best practices across platforms.

Syncing with Google Docs for Seamless Collaboration

Syncing Surfer SEO with Google Docs offers the following benefits:

  • Seamless collaboration among your team

  • Integration of Surfer’s guidelines directly into Google Docs

  • Ensuring every piece of content is optimized for search engine rankings

This integration allows your team to work in unison and produce high-quality content.

Tailoring Surfer SEO to Your Business Needs

Tailoring Surfer SEO to your business needs is pivotal in harnessing the full potential of this powerful tool to boost your digital marketing strategy. Whether you are a startup aiming to establish an online presence or an established enterprise looking to maintain its competitive edge, understanding Surfer SEO’s pricing models and selecting the right plan is crucial.

By choosing the appropriate package, you empower your business to optimize content effectively, drive relevant traffic, and achieve sustained growth.

Selecting the Right Plan for Your Enterprise

Surfer SEO offers various pricing plans tailored to different user needs, allowing content creators and marketers to select the most suitable option. Here’s a brief overview:

  • ESSENTIAL Plan ($89/month): Ideal for small business owners and freelancers. It includes up to 30 articles per month, keyword research, and the option to invite two team members.

  • SCALE Plan ($129/month): Targeted at mid-sized agencies and marketing teams. This plan offers up to 100 articles, an audit feature, keyword research, and allows inviting five team members.

  • SCALE AI Plan ($219/month): Designed for agencies and teams wanting to leverage AI for content creation. Along with the features in the SCALE plan, it provides up to 10 AI-generated articles and personalized onboarding.

  • ENTERPRISE Plan (from $399/month, billed yearly): Suited for large agencies and marketing teams with custom needs. It features a tailored number of articles, AI article generation, an audit, keyword research, a custom team size, priority support, SERP Analyzer, White Label, and API access.

Surfer Pricing

For users who need more flexibility, Surfer SEO also offers add-ons or AI packages at additional costs.


In digital marketing, Surfer SEO emerges as a key ally, driving your content to the top of search engine results. With its advanced Content Editor and detailed Audit feature, Surfer SEO arms you with essential tools to excel in SEO. Whether you’re just starting or you’re an experienced professional, Surfer SEO offers the strategic support you need to optimize your content effectively, ensuring your strategy achieves outstanding results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions.

To use Surfer SEO to optimize your blogs, start by researching target keywords, set up your draft in the content editor, customize your competition, learn your content’s optimal structure, add extra related terms to your writing, add topics and questions to the article, and consider adding draft notes.

Yes, Surfer SEO is a highly effective data-driven tool that helps improve content rankings. It has a significant impact on content ranking and is considered one of the best SEO tools available, offering great value for money compared to other tools like Clearscope. Surfer SEO uses correlation data, which can be used to optimize pages effectively with the help of someone experienced in SEO.

No, you can’t use Surfer SEO for free. However, you can start a 7-day trial to see the impact it can have on your business. Go to Surfer’s website and select your desired post-trial plan to start the trial.

Keyword Surfer is a tool that helps you find monthly search volumes for specific keywords in a location of your choice. It also provides a list of related keywords with overlapping organic results, which can be useful for keyword research. To use Keyword Surfer, simply start typing a search term in Google, and the tool will display the monthly search volumes and related keywords.

Surfer SEO is different from other SEO tools because it focuses on data-driven content optimization. It provides a SERP Analyzer, Content Editor, keyword research, and SEO audit features to help improve content rankings. Surfer SEO uses advanced algorithms to analyze search engine results pages (SERPs) and provide recommendations for on-page optimization, such as keyword usage, content length, and structure. This approach allows users to create content that aligns with the top-ranking pages in their niche, increasing the chances of better search engine rankings.

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